The Southport Flying Club once again sponsored the TAC-Q day (Teenage Adventure Camps Queensland) on Wednesday 26th June.  This has been an annual event since 1996.  

Many thanks go to the following people and their companies for providing their Helicopters to give rides to the children and their carers.  It is always the highlight of the week for these young people.

  • Sea World - John Menzies and staff
  • David Kenedy
  • Kerry Herron
  • Greg Hoffman

Thanks also to the members of the Southport Flying Club for providing a hot breakfast to all participants.  




SFC Day Flight

Sunday 5th May 2013.

The Flying Committee asked me to arrange the day away to Toowoomba.

We agreed on an 8.30 departure from YSPT. The airplanes assembled on the tarmac in front of the clubhouse by 8PM. Ian Mewett, Cameron Stewart and Gary Spicer in V-tail Bonanza, CFV; Frank & Leslie Lewis' C182, RQP; Vince & Barb Rehbeyn's brand new C182, DGQ; Brian Shadler and Sheila's Technam, Hugh Ragg's newly completed RV6, UGH; SFC President Neil Aitkenhead in his self-built immaculate Falco, NVA; and our Mooney MOQ, Mike & Jenny. We were joined in YTWB by Colin Lamont  in his Mooney M20A JXS. That's 8 airplanes and 15 people.

 Pre-flight briefing included a look at the weather. The late afternoon forecast was pooey in the SE corner and may require early departure from YTWB but the wind was favourable for a quick flight westbound. I had drawn 3 flight plans so I was ready for some variations but Vince flew direct  exercising the privileges of his new PIFR, Frank planned via Cunningham's Gap, Shad and Hugh went direct and I planned over Amberley which was not active.

On arrival we were marshalled to the parking area west of RW06. East of 06 was crowded with displays. 06 was de-active for the day. We wandered between a wonderful collection of classic cars. I did not realise there were so many Ford GT40's in Australia! I was surprised to see a Ford Model "T", in black, of course, several  Jowett Javelins, MG's, and a complete line of Holden and Falcons plus Amerian autos, Mustangs and Camaros and a Ferrari or 2, enough to warn the soul of any car buff.

In the hangers - North American T28, an NZ - CT4, Fiat (I think a G55 Centauro), many home built experimentals but flying were a Spitfire and a ¾ Replica plus an Antonov giving joy-flights.      

We called a maxi taxi. The driver was a local man who took us for a tour to the oldest house in Toowoomba, showed the areas under flood a few years back and many historical buildings. The Milne Bay Museum was even more interesting with the local knowledge from the Lewis's who lived in that area of PNG for many years. We lunched at the new (opened yesterday) Maccas (McCafe) across the road.

It was an enjoyable day and we are keen now about the weekend fly-in to Old Station 25-26May.