WHAT   IS   S.F.C.

The objectives of the Club are:

* Encourage and promote the flying of aircraft for the purpose of sport and recreation and promote safety

and airmanship.


* To provide and maintain a landing area and premises for housing and maintaining aircraft.


* To provide a facility for a common interest group of private aircraft owners.


A group of pilots and gliding enthusiasts began clearing the area in 1971.

In 1972 the clearing was extended and the first hangar was built.

The Gold Coast City Council purchased the land in 1978 as a buffer zone around the sewerage treatment works.  

The land was purchased by Council with a State Government grant of   40% of the cost.   The grant was provided

on the condition  that the land was used for Municipal purposes only, not for commercial purposes.

This resulted in the signing of our 50 year lease which expires 2037.


What was swamp land has been converted by Club Members substantial physical and financial effort

to produce the existing licensed aerodrome.

Visitors and guests are always impressed and often comment positively on what they see

on their initial visit to the Club.

Every member can be proud of being a member of the Southport Flying Club.  

The whole facility has been developed entirely through members contributions.  

The club is totally self funded, financially sound and receive no Government grants

or subsidies from Council.